Pool Enclosures

Using Pool Enclosures

Are you still having problems making up your mind about using a pool enclosure? If so, we’ve got several of its key advantages spelled out below. Hopefully, they’ll be enough to help you determine the right choice.


Additional Safety and Security
Swimming pools may be a favorite place for fun and recreation, but this doesn’t take away the fact that they are also where tragic accidents often take place. All it takes is a few minutes of unconsciously leaving your child or pet unsupervised and misfortune could immediately strike.

By installing a pool enclosure at home, you can easily control access to your pool. And if you’re worried about the younger ones leaving the pool area and going to restricted parts of your home, pool enclosures can also make sure they stay right where you want them.

Modifiable Access to Sunlight
A number of pool enclosures come not only with a telescopic structure but with retractable roofs as well. As such, if you want to go sunbathing tomorrow, you can have the roof retracted. But if today, you feel like enjoying a cooler climate while swimming then you can have the roof pulled down and limit your pool’s exposure to sunlight.

Wide Range of Choices
Pooling enclosures come in a wide range of choices so you won’t have that hard a time looking for the model that would meet all your requirements and more. Thus, your problem isn’t about finding something that would fit your pool but knowing what you truly want and need from a pool enclosure.

How to Choose the Right Pool Enclosure
Now that you’re convinced about the rightness of using a pool enclosure at home, here are a few factors to consider as you go shopping for the best model.

Space or Dimensions
Would you have only the pool confined within the enclosure or would you require greater space to include chairs and tables in it? How about the height of the enclosure? Some models are designed for the use of children and come no taller than five feet. Others, however, take adults into account and offer greater height at six feet.

Just because pool enclosures are useful doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful to look at as well. Choose the model that fits the overall design of your home or backyard. A dome pool enclosure, for instance, is elegant to look at while a boxed pool enclosure will go well with a minimalistic design.

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Pool Enclosures – What Exactly Is It?

Having a pool at home is a luxury that comes with a price. Expenditures, for one thing, are sure to increase. There are heating costs to worry about during the months of winter as well as pool supplies, labor and maintenance fees among other things to consider. But those aren’t the sum of your concerns as a pool owner. If you’ve got children or pets at home, you’ll also have their security to think about. All these, however, can be easily resolved with the use of a pool enclosure.

What Are Pool Enclosures?
To provide additional security for your pool and make it more efficient in its use of heat, you’ll need a pool enclosure. These structures may be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary, depending on what materials they’re made of.

Common Features of Pool Enclosures

Most pool owners nowadays prefer retractable pool enclosures even if they’re more expensive than their non-retractable counterpart. For one thing, use of retractable pool enclosures would negate the need of applying for building permits in most cases. Use them to help heat your pool during winter and rainstorms then retract them to enjoy the full blast of summer.

Excellent Ventilation
Even if you’ve got the doors to your pool enclosure sealed shut, you won’t have to worry about not having enough air inside. Pool enclosures generally come with ventilation systems that allow the air to continue circulating even within confined areas.

Easy to Install
Unless you’ve ordered for the largest models, most pool enclosures won’t require professional installation. You can assemble it by yourself within a few hours. It’s also entirely up to you if you wish it to be a freestanding structure or have it attached to your patio or any other part of your property.

If, however, you do order for the larger models, be reminded that you’ll have to pay for both installation and delivery.

Solar Powered
As long as the materials your pool enclosure is constructed from allow use of solar power, they can help in heating your pool even during the chillier days of the year and when outdoor swimming isn’t something you’d contemplate doing.

Last but not the least, pool enclosures may come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes but in the chance that you still don’t find something that fits your needs, you can always have something custom-made for your pool.

If having a pool at home is a luxury you can afford, consider pool enclosures as a requirement for keeping that particular luxury available for use all year round.

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Pool Enclosure Buying Tips

Whether you are a resort owner or just buying a new pool for yourself, an essential part of the process is to acquire a pool enclosure. This is a necessity at present since it offers safety and aesthetics to your swimming pool. It can also lessen the heating and maintenance costs. Pool enclosures also allow you to swim on your pool all year round.


With all the above benefits, buying an enclosure for your pool can be considered an excellent investment! But before shedding a chunk of money from your bank account, you must learn some cost saving tips. This article is a great help with its simple buying tips, so read on!

The first tip is to assess your needs. Take a few minutes to jot down what is really important to you. Will you have an outdoor pool to have a view of the nature? Will you use your pool for social events or just to keep fit? Will you want to use it all throughout the year or just on summer days? Simply ask yourself: “What I go for my pool’s performance or its aesthetics?” Through a simple priorities list, your buying decisions and search will be much easier.

With all your listed priorities, you are now ready to choose the pool enclosure you really need. The next tip is to consider the features of the pool enclosure. If you’ve chosen pool performance over aesthetics, you must look for an enclosure in terms of evaporation and heat loss. This is not only good for the environment; this can also save you a lot of cash!

If on the other hand, you chose aesthetics over performance, there are two things to look for in an enclosure. One is the low profile which has more effective heat retention. Another feature is the standard height enclosure which can create more room space around the pool.

The third tip is to establish your budget and get your money’s worth. In budgeting, you must also consider the value that the pool enclosure might give you in terms of the amount of savings you can get and the long life of your pool. Keep in mind that the prices can vary considerably. It can start from as low as 250,000 dollars to as high as 1,000,000 dollars.

The fourth tip is to have a little research. Having decided on what you really need and want, it would be great to have a research on what is available. Although search engines can help you with this, it will be worthwhile to get the views of your maintenance company, pool installer or other friends who already bought pool enclosures.

The fifth tip is to consider other ordering options available. Rather than purchasing from a reseller or pool shop where a large margin of cost is added, buying directly from manufacturers can really save you a lot. Another option is to buy a self assembly enclosure which is a specially designed product that can be assembled in less than a day.

There are numerous pool enclosures available in the market at present but the problem lies on those websites and resellers who are selling them at a very huge amount. The tips above can assist you on having a good buy. If you will consider all the tips above, you‘ll definitely enjoy your pool enclosure and still get big big savings.

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Pool Enclosures: What Is It?

Summer season nowadays is not that friendly as before. You can suffer from scourging heat that can lead to skin diseases and even cancer! Although it’s very enticing to swim all day in a pool with clear water, you may think twice of the UV rays that can directly penetrate your sensitive skin!
Before you get overly sad about this matter, let me tell you a useful fact. There is a big chance for you to enjoy your swimming pool all year round! Yes! You don’t have to worry because there are saleable pool gadgets that can help you and this is what this article is all about POOL ENCLOSURES

So what exactly is a pool enclosure and how does it work? It has an element which is the polycarbonate panel that acts like a greenhouse. Sun rays only become soft rays that warm the air inside the enclosure. During cooler days or during the night, the heat within the enclosed atmosphere can be lost gradually.

The general benefit of pool enclosure is it gives your swimming pool a longer life. Since it protects the pool from certain elements, it can reduce the pressure of filtration and heating systems; this lets the systems to last longer and will not need frequent replacements.

There are many other benefits on using a pool enclosure. It’s not only an elegant pool design but also a tool to save a lot of money! First, it can save energy; your enclosures can reduce the heat loss on your swimming pool by protecting the pool from rainfall and cool air which are the main causes of water evaporation.

Water evaporation from your pool leads to heat loss. When the difference between air and water temperature is 3oC, the 80 m2 pool may lose 100 liters of water each day. A 32 m2 pool on the other hand, may lose 40 liters a day. The enclosure can slow down water evaporation by decreasing the water’s thermal gradient through isolating water surface from external atmosphere.

The pool enclosure also protects the pool from elements like unwanted debris, leaves and bugs and this lead to a reduced maintenance time. A cleaner pool gives a more efficient filter that will run for less time thus giving lower energy costs.

You and your family can make full use of your pool whether for workout and other social gatherings by using the pool enclosure. Pool enclosures with side walls can secure children who are accidentally entering and playing on the pool area.

Having a pool enclosure not only saves you a lot of money but it also lets you relax knowing that it provides safety and security to your family. So don’t let the weather stop you, have your pool enclosure now and enjoy your swimming pool all year round!

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